Chicken Coop Designs

A good coop consists of a shelter with lay boxes and perches, and an area that provides access to soil for digging and bathing. Chickens need sun and shade, as well as a dry coop in which to escape the elements. This can manifest in a variety of forms, and the basic designs are shown below.

1) Coop and pen design:

This design is similar to a farm style of raising chickens, with a coop that is inside of a large fenced off pen or area. It can be a good design if you have a lot of space.

2) Chicken coop with run:

This design is generally fully enclosed, good for keeping out predators and dogs, and can be a good choice for people who are short on space.


3) Chicken tractors:

Got grass? This coop on wheels keeps chickens safe and moving. It can work well in medium to large sized yards (just be sure to skip the lawn care chemicals).



Not sure which coop is right for you?

The three designs above are the most common and can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Check out our section on how to choose the right chicken coop.