Chicken Keeping Resources & Products

Chicken groups and programs

Just Food New York City, NY
SoPO Chickens South Portland, Maine
Mad City Chickens Madison, Wisconsin
A2 City Chickens Ann Arbor, Michigan
Key West Chickens Key West, Florida
ABQ Urban Chickens Albuquerque, NM
Portland Chickens Portland, Oregon
Atlanta Pet Chickens Atlanta, GA
COOP Chicken owners outside Philadelphia
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
Pioneer Valley Backyard Chicken Association Northampton, MA

Chicken related sites

The City Chicken Oregon/Washington Area
Backyard Chickens
All About Chickens
Sanford Cochins
Path to Freedom Urban homesteading- and chickens too!
Mad City Chickens Film A film about backyard chicken keeping
Mad City Chickens You-Tube chicken group with over 600 chicken related videos
The Modern Homestead has a lot of information about homesteading, along with a large poultry section.
The Easy Chicken
The Poultry Connection
Acorn Hollow Bantams

Chicken related blogs Blog Albuquerque, NM
Urban Chicken Blog Redwood City, CA
The Daily Rasorial Why the chicken really crossed the road
Success with Poultry
Hippy Chicks Garden Blog

Chicken products, businesses, hatcheries, and retailers

Urban Farm Store, great resource for those in Portland, OR
City Biddy Hen House Building Plans, from UBuilder Plans
The Garden Coop, DIY Chicken Coop Plans
Classroom Chickens, Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Pet Chickens Over 200 breeds available